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vivo-sens | 2021 | ZHdK

In this project, I focused on how to deal with the form and aesthetics of a pair of glasses in a specific therapeutic environment. In my design I work with contrasts and combine lines and surfaces, opacity and transparency, retro and "future" elements. The visibility of the technical elements makes the glasses "transparent" not only in materiality but also in communication. They reveal that they are a technical object that manipulates the field of vision and measures the body's own processes with the sensors. The person in therapy should be able to recognise this and consciously decide for or against it. In addition, the glasses have a playful, inviting appeal and stand out from objects from the classic medical environment.

I designed these mixed reality glasses for the scenario of confrontation therapy against specific phobias. In classical therapy, the confrontation with the feared subject is carried out either "in sensu", i.e. purely mentally, or "in vivo", through a physical encounter. By using mixed reality glasses, it is possible to combine "in vivo" and "in sensu".
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