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cars for kärcher kids | 2019 | ZHdK

Given szenario: The Kärcher brand will be releasing a Bobby Car as part of its „Home & Garden“ line in five years.
The first step of the project was to design a formboard to define a possible future for the brand. this board was the basis for the shape determination. 
The „bobby car for kärcher kids“ is a friendly appearance with playful details. The kärcher car is suitable for children aged three and up. The surface of the casing is smooth, so cleaning the kärcher car is quick and easy. The surface of the handlebars and buttons is matt, which serves as a sign function. The matt elements are controlled with hands. The use of the colours signal yellow and black is intended to create a link to the original Kärcher brand. The diagonal stripe and the steering wheel in grey break up the harsh contrast between yellow and black. The primary colours blue and red characterise the new kärcher kids line and also fulfil signalling functions. When the blue button is pressed, the kärcher car would splashes water, playfully embedding it in the context of the Kärcher brand. The red switch serves as a dummy for a switch-on and switch-off button. 
CAD model: Solidworks and Keyshot
Prototype production: cardboard volume model produced with the Autodesk Slicer
Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-15 um
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