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Design not only shapes tangible things. It invites action or prevents action; design shapes environments and reflects society. The product world that surrounds us says a lot about the way we live. It tells about structures, hierarchies, habits, about expectations, freedoms and restrictions. Design should inspire people around us and invite to actively participate in shaping it. It bears a responsibility on various levels: not only ecological, technical and political, but also social. I strive for design that is not authoritarian but democratic. 


I experience «work» and «live» not as opposites to be balanced, but as a fluid whole. Inspirations, suggestions and ideas can be found everywhere and at any time.

I am an industrial design student at the Zurich University of Arts ZHdK and love to analyse, rethink, think further, combine, disassemble and understand the most diverse occurrences. I am in my element when I can transform an idea from the sketch on paper into physical form. I perceive the creative process as a means which I can transfer to different areas of work and life. I see the result of a design process as a possibility or proposal and not as the absolute solution. I am satisfied when I can see how a project grows and I am allowed to contribute my share. 

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