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This Project is a redesign of the garlic press «Knobi King» by Leifheit. The press is controlled with one hand. By pressing, squeezing and weighing over the garlic clove it is pressed through the perforated pattern. 
Testing the function and analysing the materials provided the basis for design decisions, such as opening the mould for a greater distance to the pressed garlic. Other design decisions make the press usable for a wider clientele, no matter how big their hands are. The circumference of the handle is 110 mm, adapted to a small hand and the length of the handle is 94 mm, adapted to a large hand.
CAD model: Solidworks and Keyshot 

Prototype: 3D printing

garlic, garlic! | 2019 | ZHdK

Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-07 um
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