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délivrer | 2022 | ZHdK

Dying and death are natural parts of life, but they can be difficult to think about and talk about. In many societies, death is seen as a taboo topic and is not often discussed openly. This can make it difficult for people to express their wishes about what they want to happen at the end of their lives and can leave their loved ones feeling unprepared and uncertain about what to do.

There are many things that people may want to consider when thinking about their end-of-life wishes. This might include where they want to die (such as at home or in a hospice), who they want to be with them, and what kind of medical treatment they want or do not want. By talking about death and our wishes, we can make sure that our loved ones are able to provide the care and support that we need at the end of our lives.

Délivrer is a concept for a tool that helps people to define and understand their wishes for the end of their lives. This tool offers the possibility for people to consider questions such as where they want to die and be buried, and what they want their funeral to look like.

While the form of the app is only meant to illustrate the concept, it is important to note that the focus of the project is not on how the tool would look or be operated. The main aim of «délivrer» is for people to find out and mature their wishes and ideas about death. With the help of the tool, they can then save these and, if they wish, also change them over time. Users can also determine which people receive what information at which point in time. 

In collaboration with Ava Toyloy 

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